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Master Pools is very vigilant in assuring that all our pools are built to safety standards. While there is no substitute for direct supervision, there are some additional steps you can take to ensure that your pool is as safe for children as possible.




Researchers estimate that safer pool fencing could prevent 7 out of 10 drowning incidents for children under five. Fencing prevents children from entering the outdoor pool area without supervision.

  • Fencing should consist of four sides and completely enclose the pool area
  • Have a minimum height of 1.2 (4ft)
  • A self closing and latching gate
  • Be designed to inhibit climbing


Automatic pool covers give you piece of mind with a turn of a key. Not only will these covers save energy, cleaning and money but they will also prevent access to children and pets.

These "horizontal fences" can be covered and uncovered in under a minute and can protect your pool when you are not around.

Give us a call today to find out more about safety options for your pool.

Pool Safety Tips:

Pool Safety

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