Minimal on the River

This property is an example of minimalist design at its best. The entire property focuses on carefully selected materials and clean architectural details.

Often, pool structures are treated as an add-on to a property and therefore tend to be overlooked as significant pieces of the overall architecture. This was not the case with this backyard hot tub. It is neatly carved into the surrounding wood and concrete structures which gives it a jewel-like effect. When viewed from the house side, the vanishing edge falls towards the river creating a view that catches people staring in wonder.

The owners wanted the option to run the system as more of a visual feature during the day with minimal heat and minimal flow to create a glass-like water effect. In the evenings, or in fact whenever they want, the owners can change to “hot tub” mode and bring the water to their preferred temperature and also dial up water flow to activate hydrotherapy jets. This mode change can either be scheduled or triggered via smartphone or on-premise control panel.  

Whirlpool – Hot Tub – Spa
Water Feature
Finish – Plaster/Tile
Vanishing Edge

At night, the coloured LED lighting makes the pool glow and gives an entirely different feel.